Interaction Map
How get access to the tool?

We are creating a technology platform based on Interaction Map analysis of real-time molecular interaction measurements. We use it to resolve complex interactions in the drug development process.

SPR has become an important technology in drug development. Interaction Map makes it to analyze difficult biophysics data from this and other time-resolved measurements for biomolecular interaction analysis. Interaction map will increase the information content earlier in the process.

The Interaction Map method is compatible with virtually all types of real-time interaction data. The only requirement is that the data can be imported into TraceDrawer. In addition to reading result files from several SPR/QCM vendors, a range of text file formats are supported (including the Biacore text export format).

Technically the Interaction Map analysis toolbox is integrated with the evaluation software TraceDrawer from Ridgeview Instruments AB. All Interaction Map calculations are conducted at a central server and access to e-mail is required for operation.

We welcome collaborative projects where our technology platform can be used. Interaction Map license keys are currently provided in limited scale and by invitation only. The tool is only available for research purposes (see terms and conditions). Please contact us if you are interested in testing Interaction Map technology already now.